When visiting the creek environment, please remember that most of our creeks receive stormwater that can carry pollutants. Due to their urban environment, most of the creeks have bacteria levels that exceed state standards and could pose a health risk to humans and pets even when the water looks inviting. Please enjoy our creeks from designated trails in our parks.

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Elizabeth Creek


Elizabeth Creek is a tributary of Hogtown Creek. Its headwaters occur in the back yard of the UF President's home, now part of the UF Arboretum. The creek flows northwest under University Avenue continuing through the Arboretum and the University Park neighborhood until it joins with Hogtown Creek just south of 8th Avenue in the Loblolly Nature Park. The creek is named after Elizabeth Shands.


Water quality monitoring information is available for Elizabeth Creek. To access this data, please visit here and access the monitoring stations and data by clicking on the station on the interactive map.

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