When visiting the creek environment, please remember that most of our creeks receive stormwater that can carry pollutants. Due to their urban environment, most of the creeks have bacteria levels that exceed state standards and could pose a health risk to humans and pets even when the water looks inviting. Please enjoy our creeks from designated trails in our parks.

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Haile Sink


Haile Sink, located north of Lake Kanapaha at the southwest end of Hogtown Prairie, is a naturally occurring recharge site. Haile Sink along with Lake Alice and Alachua Sink contribute recharge to the upper zone of the Floridan aquifer system. Hogtown Creek drains into Hogtown Prairie, which in turn drains into Haile Sink.


Did you know?

Recharge is a process where water moves downward from surface water to groundwater. Recharge is the primary method that water enters an aquifer. For instance, an example of recharge would be rainwater that seeps into the ground. Water added to an aquifer. For instance, rainfall that seeps into the ground (infiltration).

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